Casting with MAX GFE A/B

Prepare mold by cleaning and applying a good quality wax mold release or PVA parting film. If using PVA parting film, allow the PVA to dry completely and make sure that the mold is secured on a level plane.


Measure out the proper amounts Part A and Part B based on a 2:1 by weight mix ratio in a clean container (the resin is heavier in density than the curing agent). Gently mix until a uniform consistency is achieved (2 minutes). Do not mix aggressively to avoid excessive air entrapment. Transfer the mixture into another clean container and continue mixing for another minute. This will guarantee a thorough mixture. Slowly pour the mixture in the prepared mold and allow to spread unaided to minimize air entrapment. To remove stubborn air bubbles from the surface, use a hot air gun or a propane torch and pass it very quickly over the surface.

Allow the casting to cure at room temperature; depending on the ambient temperature cures times can vary from 24 to 48 hours. If available, use a Shore Durometer to determine the cured hardness, a reading of 65 D will be sufficient for demolding or attempt to indent the casting with using your fingernail, if it does not indent then it is ready for demolding. Longer cure times may be required when curing below 70oF. For a faster demold time, allow the casting to set-up for 3 hours at room temperature then post cure in an oven for 2 hours at 200oF. Allow it to cool gradually and demold.

Pigments can be added to the MAX GFE to produce any colored desired.
MAX Blue Concentrate
MAX White Concentrate
MAX Yellow Concentrate
MAX Red Concentrate