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Polymer Composites Inc. - The Epoxy Experts

Polymer Composites Inc.
The Epoxy Experts

We offer a wide variety of adhesives, coatings, and specialty resin systems that fulfill our customer’s needs on-demand. Our innovative products and solutions have been the cornerstone of many growth technologies in the polymer industry. From simple bonding applications to extreme and complex requirements, our many years of experience can help provide the starting point for your particular applications.

Our products are used worldwide and across many industries.  We service Military, Aerospace, Marine And Boat Building, Automotive, Commercial and Retail industries.  We adhere to strict standards and certifications to ensure the products we manufacture are the best resin system suited for the application.

We are a direct manufacturer and formulators of high-performance polymers for the industry for over 23 years. We have hundreds of large corporations worldwide that use our polymers in thousands of applications.

All our resins are manufactured at our Ontario, CA Facility.  We do not sell extras, surplus, re-packs, or old inventory. We purchase and mix our raw materials in large volumes and on-demand, so we can offer our products at lower prices.  All products are quality control-tested using standardize procedures per the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.