Application and Usage

Before adding the curing agent, the fiberglass fillers incorporated in the MAX GFE Part A may settle during shipment or storage. It will require gentle stirring to disperse settling to insure proper cured performance.

Gently agitate by hand mixing with a spatula or by mechanical impeller mixer until the filler is uniformly dispersed. Pre-heating the resin to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit will facilitate a much easier mixing.

Allow the resin to cool to room temperature before adding the curing agent.

Avoid aggressive mixing to help reduce excessive air entrapment.

If available, use a vacuum chamber to degas the resin or PART A component to accelerated air bubble removal.

Allow the mixed Part A to sit for about 30 minutes to permit any entrapped air bubbles to evacuate. To remove stubborn air bubbles from the surface, use a hot air gun or a hair dryer or a propane torch and pass it very quickly over the surface.