Fiberglass Layup Technique


The following video demonstrates the basic lay-up technique to fabricate a fiberglass laminate. The fabric to resin ratio was carefully calculated to yield a maximum of 35% resin content and process demonstrate how to produce low porosity or entrapped air bubbles (large voids and microscopic porosity) within the laminate.

Porosity or air bubbles entrapped within the laminate matrix are specific source of fracture points when the mechanical load is applied on the composite laminate. View the video and notice how fast the fiberglass absorbs the resin and displaces the air. This fast wet-out is due to the surface treatment, F16 Volan Finish, which is very compatible with epoxy resin systems. This technique can also be used with carbon fiber, Kevlar and other specialty or hybrid reinforcing fabrics.

The fiberglass surface treatment, fabric to resin ratio and the impregnating technique are some of the very crucial fabricating aspect that must be carefully considered and observed when producing high performance composites.