MAX GRE Usage and Application

To use MAX GRE A/B as an impregnating resin as a fiberglass composite reinforcing resin

A. Clean the surface to be reinforced or laminated. Please refer to our Surface Preparation bulletin if laminate is used as reinforcement.

B. Pre-cut the proper fabric weave, density size and shape favorable to the application of reinforcement.

C. Determine the amount of mixed resin needed for the application and mix the resin and curing agent at the proper ratio as demonstrated in the MIXING EPOXY RESINS video demonstration above.

D. Apply a thin layer of the mixed MAX GRE A/B unto the item to be reinforced and then apply a layer of fiberglass unto the resin and allow the fabric to absorb the resin uniformly; aide the resin to wet-out the fiber glass using a brush or roller and apply subsequent layers of fabric sandwiching a layer of resin until the desire thickness is achieved.

E. Clean up excess resin run off before it has a chance to set-up using rag dampened with acetone or MEK. Use a rubber squeegee to remove excess resin and to apply compressive pressure to consolidate the layers of fiberglass together or use Vacuum Bagging Technique until the resin has cured.

F. Allow curing at room temperature for 24 to 36 hours before exposing the fabrication to any solvent or fuel.


To use MAX GRE A/B as coating

Prepare the surface to be coated or sealed by degreasing and removing any surface contaminants. Lightly sand the surface to remove any previous coating; MAX GRE A/B must be applied directly unto the base substrate to insure direct contact adhesion. Apply a minimum of.010 inch thick coating by or brush or foam roller (use foam roller for a lint free application) coat apply unto the substrate to be sealed. Allow the coating to flow out evenly and protect the surface from airborne dust and debris until it has set-up.

If a thicker coating is desired, allow the first application to set-up for 6 hours and apply subsequent coats. To remove stubborn surface bubbles, pass a flame from a propane torch over the surface very, very quickly and the air bubbles will pop. Allow the completed coating to cure for at least 24 hours before handling.