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Poor curing – Resin Crystallization

The most common cause of poor cure, especially during the
cold season is caused by ‘resin crystallization’. Please inspect the PART
A or Resin bottle and most likely there will be crystallization, which will
appear as a cloudy mass on the bottom of the bottle. When the resin
crystallizes due to cold temperature, the solid crystals will not mix well
with the liquid curing agent which will cause poor cure result.
MAX CLEAR resin is a high-purity grade resin, which makes it prone to
crystallization, however, it can be easily reverted back to a liquid.
Place the bottle in a hot water bath (150 deg Fahrenheit) and allow it
to acclimate to 145 deg Fahrenheit for 20 to 25 minutes- the
temperature of hot coffee. This will melt the crystallized resin back to
a liquid. Allow the resin to cool back to 75 deg Fahrenheit before
adding the curing agent at a 2:1 mix ratio. Similar to honey or other
high purity and supersaturated compounds, it will crystallize when it is
exposed to cold temperature. This typically occurs during the colder
season or after the resin has been stored for a prolonged period

Here is a link to our website discussing the heating process and the
guidelines for the proper use of the MAX CLEAR resin system:



When you received the package, there was an index card attached to
the PART A bottle providing notice and instructions on how to process
if crystallization occurs. Please review the links noted above for the
proper use of the MAX CLEAR GRADE (also sold as MAX CLR),
especially for food contact applications.

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