MAX TCR A/B is very clear and low viscosity resin system that offers a very long working time. It is very flexible and resilient upon cure offering excellent adhesion to containers or vases made from glass, ceramic, clay, stone pottery and other materials commonly used in silk floral and artificial plants arrangements.

It’s mix ratio is equal parts by volume or weight allowing ease of use.

The long working time provides de-airing of mixed or entrapped air bubbles during mixing and casting. It can be mixed in a large mass of up to 2000 grams without generating high exothermic heat. The peak exothermic temperature of a 2000 gram mass (about ½ gallon of volume) achieved a maximum heat of 135ºF.

All polymers have a physical property known as CTE (Coefficient of Expansion and Contraction), which its dimensional expansion and contraction based on the temperature it is exposed to. If the CTE of the polymer is lower than the structural strength of the glass, such as thin walled glass vases, breakage will occur when it is exposed to sudden or repeat ambient temperature changes.

A tack free cure is achieved in 48 hours of room temperature cure.
Upon cure MAX TCR A/B is very flexible eliminating breakage of the glass vase typically caused by the differential Coefficient of Expansion and Contraction of the cured polymers.

By insuring that the CTE value or rate of expansion and contraction is higher (flexible) value than glass, internal stresses that can shatter the glass container can be averted.