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Question: We are in the process of manufacturing an AUV prototype and need to know more details about the ability to manufacture syntactic foam parts.
few weeks ago, I made an order for: “MAX 1618” , “MAX Bond” and “MICROSPHERES GLASS BUBBLES LOW DENSITY EPOXY SYNTACTIC FOAM FILLER 1.5 POUNDS”.

So, Would you provide me with their data sheet and support me with technical details, precautions and procedures for manufacturing syntactic foam?

Answer: Thanks for the inquiry. The glass microspheres can be directly added to the pre-mixed MAX 1618 A/B resin system in small increments until the proper density and consistency is achieved. The more microsphere is added the lighter the density will be. However, the higher the amount added to the mixed resin, the thicker the consistency will be, which will make it more prone to air bubble entrapment. When mixing epoxy resins, the amount of air bubble entrapment will directly affect the cured mechanical performance, so do not mix aggressively.

A 10% addition by weight of the microsphere will yield a low density-pourable consistency, and 30% addition will yield a thick compound; gradually add to the mixed resin based on your requirement. Wear a dust mask and avoid inhalation of dust particulates, during mixing and if you plan to machine or grind the cured compound.

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